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    About This Tool

    About This Tool

    craigslist cities search iconAnyone who has used on a regular basis knows how useful this classifieds ad website is. They also know how frustrating it can be to search all craigslist results at the same time. So If your search is not very specific  to the city, you would need to spend some time searching the listings for each city. As if that were not enough, you would also have to go through each category, one at a time, to locate the best resources that the site offers. Problems notwithstanding, Craigslist is too important a resource to abandon altogether.

    Is there something you can do to reduce the time needed to go through Craigslist cities and categories, one time-consuming city/category at a time? With, you have the perfect search tool, and the solution to the problem, at your fingertips to search all craigslist results at once. What is This website is a specially designed tool to search all Craigslist city listings. The clean, minimalist design helps you focus on your search. At this site, you simply need to type in the keywords in the search bar, and specify search criteria such as name of the city or the category.

    Click on Search, and the webcrawlers will do the rest. Within a couple of seconds, you will see displayed on the screen, the listings you wanted to see. Specificity is one of the strengths of using this search tool. You do not have to worry about mistakenly searching the wrong category or wrong city, since the drop down menu offers the easiest method to set craigslist cities and category criteria. If you are planning to conduct a countrywide search, you simply set the search criteria to the default setting, All Cities. This ensures that the search tool picks out the best results for searching all craigslist. You dont have to search city by city, thereby wasting precious time in the process. Join the local buzz Want to know all about the cultural activities, job offers, and other happenings around you? Have time to kill, and need to know what people around you are doing? You can search through all the listings for particular cities regardless of category. So, if you want to see whats being offered cheaply for sale at Ann Arbor, what kind of jobs are available in the city, and if your topic of interest is on the local discussion forums, select the topic as the keyword, set the location “Ann Arbor”, default search all of Craigslist. The results displayed will enable you to view the best selection from across all categories, but specific to the city of Ann Arbor.

    There are many creative ways to use this search tool while you search all craigslist, depending on the combination of search parameters used. As the results are displayed by date, it is easy to find the recent listings and ignore the older listings. Whether you are conducting a job search, or need to know about the fun happenings in your city, or any of the other craigslist cities, this is the tool to use. It is always great to know that your searches have been fruitful, and you have utilized minimal time in finding the most relevant listing. With , you have the power to use your favorite Craigslist resource with more efficiency.